Indulge in our fabulous Exclusive Collection. Discover unique jewellery that can only be described as bold, elegant, intricate, ornate, and feminine. But most of all timeless and unique. A piece that can be cherished and reflect who you are.


You will be captivated by the craftmanship, guided by traditions handed down through the generations, producing jewellery which is rich in culture and tradition in every detail.


We are extremely proud of our lavish Exclusive Collection. Each piece is personally handpicked with care to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Every one of our original Exclusive Collection has been hand-made, some by award winning artisans from all over the world. Artists who are known to hand-stamp their work with their own personal signature as a mark of authenticity.


Due to the individuality of the stones used and the way each artist works, every piece of jewellery in our Exclusive Collection will be unique.  Even though the artist may try to create a similar piece, you can guarantee they will never be exactly alike.  Each spectacular piece takes on its own identity when the silversmith works his magic. Once a piece of jewellery from the Exclusive Collection has been sold we will not be able replace it with an exact replica.  This assures the individuality of the piece you have purchased.


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