So, you have taken the plunge and bought a beautiful piece of silver jewellery.  Now you need to know how to look after it and keep it clean.


The best way to keep silver clean is to wear it. When you wear your jewellery, you are polishing it by it rubbing it against your skin or your clothes. Although this won’t keep the silver from completely tarnishing, it will slow down the process.


All silver jewellery develops tarnish on its surface after a time. The tarnish is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when silver meets the air and other substances.  Sulphur is the main contributor to this. If the water you wash in is rich in sulphur, this can tarnish the jewellery straight away.


But if you are like me, you like to change your jewellery to suit your clothes or your mood.


Simple care of your jewellery will prolong its longevity and beauty.

Keep your jewellery in an individual pouch in a cool dry place, preferably an airtight jewellery box.  Even a plastic zip-lock bag will do the trick. This will help stop humidity getting to the silver results in tarnishing. When you buy your jewellery from Tigers Eye Hawkshead, your jewellery will come in a branded gift box with a protective cover that helps stop the tarnishing.

Be careful not to get your jewellery scratched.  Try not to allow pieces to rub together as abrasion can damage the finish.  Most silver jewellery is made up of “925.”  You may know this as sterling silver. What this means is 92.5% is pure silver and the rest 7.5% is copper. The copper gives the pure silver its strength (pure silver is a soft metal that can easily be damaged so is not great for jewellery). But this also makes it more prone to getting scratched.



Although most semi-precious stones are hard, they need to be treated with care and can be split from a hard blow.  Therefore, they should be protected from hard knocks and not dropped.


Cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, and body lotions will dull the finish of your stones and tarnish your sliver.  So always put on your jewellery after applying any of these.


Avoid swimming or bathing whilst wearing your jewellery, as chemicals and chlorine can affect the stones and the sheen on your silver.


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